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Many moons ago Andrew Cooper (Wild Beer Co) sent me a text saying 'Know anywhere in London we could try a couple of bottles, I have something special with me'. We found somewhere (Cask Pub & Kitchen, in Pimlico) and this was my first encounter with BFM, and in particular, it was Saison 225. There are few breweries in the world making beer like BFM, and even fewer making them to that standard.

Fast forward a couple of years and whilst milling about at Beavertown's 3rd birthday I bumped in to a some friends who were chatting to a French sounding chap, he was describing his brewery and because I was perfectly sober and on my best behaviour I yelled out enthusiastically 'I know who you are!', because I did. He was, and still is, Jérôme Rebetez owner of BFM. We proceeded to go out in London until silly o'clock and we've been friends ever since.

Fast forward another couple of years and Greg Wells (Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival) asked if Jérôme would be interested in coming over and doing something at the beer fest. I asked, he said yes... So here we are.

On the Thursday before the Festival (That's May 24th, incidentally) Jérôme will be here to chat about his brewery, his philosophy, his labels and the humour behind almost everything he does. The beer list to accompany this eloquent chat is below. 

Highway to Helles - Liberty Edition white IPA
Mandragore - Stout w/ Spelt
√225 Saison - BA Saison
Cuvée Alex Le Rouge - Imperial Stout w/bourdon vanilla & white peppercorn
Abbaye St Bon Chien 2016 - BA Biere de Garde
Abbaye St Bon Chien Grand Cru Barbie Girl 2016 - Aged in Château Latour
Grand Cru Bon Chien St Bock
√225 Saison - Rhubarb & Pommegranate
√225 Saison Kammgarnn - a special √225 blend

To compliment the draught, we'll also have the following bottles.
Bon-Chien 37.5cl
Bon-Chien 75cl
Bon-Chien Magnums
Bon-Chien Grand Cru 37.5cl
Degustor Vin Santo
Degustor Barley Wine
Brut des Franches
225 Saison 33cl
225 Saison 75cl
Cuvee Alex Le Rouge
All the core range

Usually the tickets would be £27.50 and you'd get food and all that jazz, but until yesterday we had no guarantees that the beer would arrive in time from the Swiss mountains, so the event is now free and the food is not included. At time of publishing, we had 2 tickets left.

Tickets can be found HERE