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We wouldn't normally choose to give you good / lovely / attractive / generous / sword swallowing / badger baiting / delete as applicable....people a mere 14 days notice of a fun event, but we only decided to do this over burgers and beers last week. It then took almost a week to recover enough to organise a beer list. However, organise we have... and this is it.

Hop City 2018 - Northern Monk / Verdant / Deya / YHC Hops - DIPA
Taproom Pilsner
Eternal - Pale Ale
Faith - Pale Ale
Heathen - IPA
Double Heathen - Feckin Big IPA
Quad - Pinot Noir Barrel Aged w/ Raspberries
EXP002 - Fruited Kettle Sour
Wild Holbeck - Spontaneous Fermentation Wild Ale
DDH Saison - Patrons 7.01 / Alefarm / Esben Bog Jensen
Imperial Peanut Butter Jelly - Brown Ale
Coffee Death - Imperial Stout with... Coffee

Usual rules apply. You buy a ticket, we give you beer, burgers and chat from a world class brewer. Colin will undoubtedly regale the crowds with stories from his early days at Marble, his time at Black Isle, the last 4 years at Buxton and more importantly not to mention pertinently, his recent move to Northern Monk just ahead of their hugely successful crowd funding drive. He'll be ably and glamorously assisted by the Monk's wholesale manager, Mr Billy Marshall. 

Northern Monk have quietly transformed in to a bonafide UK powerhouse with a successful core range straddling both the independents and mainstream, a non stop conveyor belt of tall boy can specials and their festivals; Hop City and Dark City.

Tickets are available HERE