Tickets Available Now

Hogmanay in Edinburgh's Old Town. It doesn't get much closer to the action than this.

To keep things nice and relaxed we're putting up 80 tickets for a private party at Salt Horse. Tickets include 6 drink tokens (bottle caps) that can be a mix of draught beer (2/3rd or 1/3rd depending on the measure size on the board), wines (125ml) by the glass or soft drinks.

Food will again be provided by the excellent Meat:Stack (There will be a veggie option, which is a Paneer burger) and you will need to have eaten by 10pm. Or you'll be annoyed, and hungry.

You'll receive an attractive hand stamp when you arrive which allows you to come and go as you please all night, unless you're plastered and then I'm afraid the law states that you need to go and get a kebab.

The draught beer list will look something like this... These are nailed on, we'll add more as we get closer. There will also be the usual plethora of exciting bottles in the fridge. 

Kout 10 - World Class Czech lager - Pilsner
Kernel - as yet undecided - Pale Ale
BFM - 225 Saison Rhubarb - BA Rhubarb sour
Magic Rock / Casita - Papillon - BA Sour Ale w/Apricots
Kernel - Biere De Saison Sour Cherry 2016 - Sour
Cloudwater / ToØL - Christmas Cake 2016 - Imperial Stout

There will also be a few special bottles for sale to ticket holders on the night:
- Westvleteren 12, 330ml
- Cloudwater / To Øl Christmas Cake Imperial Stout, 750ml
- Wild Beer Co The Blend (Summer 2015), 750ml
- Rocket Brewing Ruby Cherry Sour 2016, 750ml

Tickets are £40.00 per person. The fireworks should be nice and easy to see from the top of the street, we'll let you know what the time is and when it would be best to make your way up or down the street to get a good view.

If you're drunk you won't be allowed in (or back in); it doesn't matter how much the ticket cost you or who your uncle Terry knows. Laws is laws, rules is rules, and besides, you'll ruin it for everyone else. We also can't refund once tickets have been purchased, but you can of course sell your tickets on, and if you need to do that we'll also help you.