The team at Yonder Brewing & Blending have been spreading their passion of mixed fermentation and foraged beers at Somerset breweries for years. Now they're doing their own thing, and end product is delicious.

We'll be pouring four Yonder beers from Midday on Thurs the 15th:

- The Loop Autumn 2018A - Plums & Wild Thyme
"The first full size batch of Loop was blended with locally foraged Victoria Plums and a few handfuls of Damsons. As the fruit macerated on the blended beer, the wild yeast from the skins aided secondary fermentation and brought about a peachy pink hue. 

The second addition to play against the honey-like flavour of the stone fruit was wild thyme collected in the dusty hills of Provence, where Jasper was taking a much needed summer break. Far from savoury, this dried herb was very floral and citrus and worked perfectly in the blend."

- Bees and Things & Flowers
"Brewed on a bed of meadow hay, Bees & Things & Flowers is a wild honey wit bier, flavoured with
wild meadow flowers, ubiquitous in fields and hedgerows throughout Britain.

Fermented with honey, carefully sourced from the UK, it is then conditioned on oak with foraged Chamomile, Meadowsweet, Lavender, Yarrow,
Pineapple Weed & the lightest sprinkling of English hops."

- Dunstan's Exile 
"Our house Belgian style pale ale is an ode to St. Dunstan, a Somerset cleric, famed for defeating the Devil with a pair of tongs. He was exiled to Belgium for provoking his King, 
only to return two years later when the Monarch was driven out by revolution.

This beer is our demonstration of the flavours produced by combining light struck, English & European, hops, with farmed and foraged botanicals. The woody, herbal & skunked flavours of these hops, are heightened by the floral notes and spiciness of our botanical blend containing,
Somerset Lavender & Scottish Juniper Berries.

The base of barley & wheat are fermented with a combination of ale and wine yeasts,
for a dry, yet fruity undercurrent. "

- Fermhouse
"Farmhouse brewing has conceived many of beer styles that we admire the most. Often utilising ingredients close to home and relying on yeast cultures handed down, 
or shared with neighbours and friends.
In the modern world, sharing those cultures and ingredients is much easier, 
but it’s also easy to get bogged down with so many options at hand.

Fermhouse is a simple premise and a simple beer. 
Norwegian farmhouse yeast and own our mixed cultures make for clean, yet tart base, which grows in complexity as it ages. Hops from the UK and Europe balance the herbal and the fruitiness and at 3.8% ABV, much like traditional British golden ale, it’s very moreish!"

About the brewery:

"The project of Yonder was born through the combined passion for three things: Foraging, flavour and fermentation.

Whether it's naturally occurring microbes in the Mendip Hills which spontaneously ferment our beers, carefully farmed fruit and herbs
from a few miles up the road, or botanicals hand foraged in the Scottish Highlands, each beer tells a unique story.

Based in the Mendip Hills of Somerset in the United Kingdom, the small team are sourcing the finest ingredients to create flavourful, small batch brews with a strong sense of time and place. Each product is carefully crafted, and never rushed, using a combination of modern and traditional brewing techniques, including oak barrel ageing and stainless steel maturation."