We’ve had Dyanuary/Tryanuary so it’s now, obviously, time for Kernebruary. This is similar to the Dry/Try duo in… no way at all. Unless you’ve never tried a Kernel beer before. In which case, it is.  To avoid wittering on too much, the upshot is we have a whole month of Kernel beers in the pipeline. Starting on Feb 7th with four pale ales. The attached image will give you the gist of it.



The final week we have a quite outstanding line up including several beers that haven’t yet see the light of day, and Kernel Brewery owner, Evin O’Riordan will be here to talk you through them, on the 28th. Events with Evin tend to be quite popular, so these are likely last less time than a Federer Grand Slam final (Topical, no?)

As always there will be at least 5 beers in the tasting, plus burger, fries & wings from the fantastic Meat:Stack. We’ll be releasing the final beer list periodically over the next couple of weeks (no idea why really, seemed like a fun thing to do, like spreading Christmas out over a month, minus the family arguments) with the first reveals being;

Biere de Saison, Citra (2018 release)
Biere de Saison, Syrah, (2016 harvest)
Biere de Saison, Albarino (2016 harvest)

Tickets are on sale now… just click the link below.

for tickets click HERE