Here's three questions - Are you interested in Belgian beer? Are you interested in Chorlton Brewing Co? Are you interested in how Belgian beers inspired Chorlton Brewing Co? If you answered yes to at least one of those then we have just the event for your perfectly formed niche tastes. 

On Wednesday July 26th, Mike Marcus from Manchester's expert brett botherers Chorlton Brewing Co shall be in our wee shop to talk through his Belgian beer journey and how it influenced, and continues to influence, his beer making. Mike is also the author of the Chorlton tweets, which should give you a taste of the kind of chat to expect.  Passion, knowledge, and opinions in (probably) equal measure.

There will be food provided by the now fully functional kitchen run by Mangal (Twelve Triangles) and whilst you drink Belgian and Chorlton beer,  Mike will guide you through with a great number of amusing sidesteps. 

Tickets can be foundĀ HERE