Continuing with our 2017 Scandinavian theme (Beerbliotek are from Sweden, Rocket are from Denmark, this almost certainly constitutes a theme) we have Kim, Head Brewer of Rocket Brewing here on May 3rd for a tap takeover and tasting of some of their beer. 

                Click the logo for Rocket's website..

                Click the logo for Rocket's website..

Brewing out of an old slaughterhouse about an hours drive from Copenhagen, Rocket are a hands on brewery, hence their slogan 'Man Made Beers'. The kit is old dairy tanks and ex wine fermenters. It reminded me a little of Tempest's first brewery and brew kit. 
All Rocket beers are made with brett, which means they're all made with a yeast called Brettanomyces, which translated means 'British Mice' (no it doesn't). In the wild 'brett', for short, is a yeast which grows on the skins of fruit and is considered by many brewers to add complexity to a beer (unless it's an unwelcome addition, in which case it's considered a contaminant). As a result, Rocket's portfolio is a little bit different to almost anything we've tried here before. 
Alongside the brett another USP for Rocket is their heavy use of locally foraged ingredients, from the woodlands and hedgerows near the brewery (Haslev is a small town surrounded by countryside). 
Last but not least, their barrel sour program which includes Ruby, a cherry sour made with Danish sour cherries at the same ratio to liquid as Cantillon make Lou Pepe Kriek. 

From 6.30pm on May 3rd, Kim will be here to guide you through their history, their philosophy and their beers. Given the styles and complexity of the beer, and that Kim used to work as a top chef, he's going to pair them to cheeses / snacks as we go along.

Draught beer list -
Sour power - Blended sour ale
Ancient Power - Brown sour ale
Imperial Black power - Black Power sour ale with two times the blackcurrant
Life on Mars - Sour ale w. Bergamot
Prune Balloon - Sour ale w. prune plum and jasmine
Sour farmhouse w. cherry - New, not released yet. 

Tickets are £20 and can be found HERE