The nights are shorter, the days shorter...only the shorts are longer as we approach the closest we get to winter these days. Where we once had snow, we now have...well, snow, but less of it and for less time. To celebrate this inevitable descent into global climate oblivion we've decided to showcase the deliciousness of fruit in beer, at the least appropriate time of year. 

November 30th, which is a Thursday for all you calendar geeks, we'll be serving up these on draught, and the shop will be full of cans and bottles which are too numerable to list.

Fruity Fun Kegs
Mikkeller - Spontanyuzu - Yuzu sour - 7.7%
Boundary / Ulster Exiles - Screwball Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream - IPA - 6.1%
The Kernel - Biere De Saison Raspberry - 4.7%
Five Points / Pressure Drop / One Mile End - Agadoo - Pineapple Saison - 6.5%
To Øl - Garden of Eden - Fruit IPA w/Guava, Papaya, Passionfruit & Mango - 6.4%
Northern Monk - DDH Double Mango Lassi - DIPA - 8.7%
To Øl - Dangerously Close to Stupid Amounts of Apricot - DIPA - 9.3%
Fallen - Big Raspberry Dog Chew - Imperial Stout - 10%

For those averse to summer in winter, or if you just don't like 'stuff' in your beer, we'll still have Lukas, a Kernel Pale and a couple of other 'normal' beers on.