Earlier this year there was a loud bang in Derbyshire. It was the sound of Thornbridge Brewery turning on the crafterburners (I can't apologise enough for that pun) and disappearing out of sight. Within weeks of each other, their World Beer Cup winning sours had been released and their collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery, Serpent, was also on shelves. 

Serpent is unlike anything that's been made before. A Belgian golden ale, cider lees, bourbon barrels and time. It's beer Jim... etc etc

On September 21st Thornbridge will be here to deconstruct Serpent. You'll try the bourbon, the cider, and learn how this beer was made. Alongside this we'll have a keg of a one off small batch BA Sour Stout (as yet unnamed), we'll drink and talk through Lukas, their new and quite fantastic Helles and we might accidentally break open a couple of specials. 

There will, of course, be cheese. 

Tickets are £15.50 and can be found HERE