There's no need to say too much about this, most of you will have heard of the International Rainbow Project. For those who haven't, type 'International Rainbow Project' in to Google and click the links. 

In 2014 UK breweries paired with innovative brewers from Europe. Last year was the USA and this year, it's the Kiwi's. This years beer pairings / colours are below.

From midday on the 17th we'll have all 7 beers on, plus extras / specials from some of the breweries involved. No tickets needed, but once the beers are gone, they're gone. Now is a good time to mention that we only have 10 litres of the Beavertown / ParrotDog collab... Thankfully it's 10.5% so (probably) won't go quite as fast as the others. Except we've now told you there are only 10 litres, so in all likelihood, gone by 1pm.

All beers will be £2.75 for 1/3 or you can buy all 7 plus a Meat or Cheese Board, for £25. Cheese might be an idea, soak some of it up.  

Beer List
All 7 Rainbow Project 2016
8 Wired - Tropidelic
Yeastie Boys - Hellzapoppin'
Wild Beer Co - Summer Blend 2015
Siren / Crooked Stave - All Bretts Are Off 2015
Beavertown / Founders - Tempus Project Claussenii Brettanomyces IPA
Magic Rock / Gigantic - Special Relationship