It's unlikely we need to write much about Cloudwater. You'll have heard of them. They make beer in Manchester and have released a series of DIPA's with accompanying blogs detailing exactly what, how and why they've taken the routes they have. Cloudwater make great beer, but they are approaching the industry in a very different way. Different to any brewer we can think of. 

During the first week of August Cloudwater founders, Paul Jones and James Campbell, are on a short tour of Scotland. They're brewing with Six Degrees North, hosting an MTB at Casc in Aberdeen, another at 6DN in Glasgow, a bottle tasting at Valhalla's Goat, a further one at Cornelius Beer & Wine and then, they're here. This is the draught beer list..

1x BA Clausenii Stout7.4%
1x BA Autumn Fruit Custard Porter Kees Collaboration 7%
1x Sorachi Ace Grisette 3.5%
1x IPA Citra 6.5%
1x IPL Centennial 6.2%
1x Pioneer Lager 4.8%

We're holding a tasting in the Bottle Shop side with Paul & James so they can tell you about the barrel ageing program that we've seen almost nothing of, and the 3x 50hl foudres they've just bought. Tickets are £10.50 per person and you'll get at least 3x 1/3rds + cheese/breads. Start time is about 6.30pm-ish. It will finish when it finishes, around 8.30pm-ish.

Tickets can be bought HERE