A few weeks back, one of the guys we work with came up with a few ideas. Some event ideas, some stock ideas, some marketing ideas. A list of stuff she figured would be a nice addition to how we already do things. 

A few jumped out, and one stuck firmly at the forefront. Matching beers, to doughnuts. As most of you will have gathered, Twelve Triangles and ourselves share an owner and we're reasonably heavily influenced by the food ideas and ethos that are ingrained in that company. Doughnuts are the 12T forte, so that was nice and easy. We just needed a brewery who could match beers with them. 

There are lots of talented brewers in Scotland making great beers, but one brewery was immediately obvious. We needed to pitch this to folk who would take it just seriously enough to commit to it fully and make some awesome beer, but with their tongue so firmly in their cheek it looked like an alien trying to escape. Enter, Pilot Brewery. 

Pat and Matt were immediately onboard, with the sarcasm turned up to 11. 

October 5th, at 7pm we host 'Pilot(s) Versus (12T)Doughnuts'. Three beers, two new and made for the event, and three doughnuts (we thought about doing 5 of each, but 5 doughnuts each is, well, a lot of doughnuts). The beers are a surprise (Peach Sour has been mentioned at least once, so has a Raspberry Jam Hefe) as are the doughnuts. The doughnuts, like the beers, are being developed for this event and will not be from the usual 12T repertoire. There's been talk of a sourdough-nut and Matt Pilot was pretty keen on a Cheese & Bacon one, although the kitchen have yet to confirm whether this will happen or not.

Tickets are £15.50 and include the beers, the doughnuts and of course, cheese and breads. 

Tickets can be bought by clicking HERE