An Evening with Fourpure founders, Tom & Dan Lowe

It's the Fringe Festival and there is no better time to throw in another tasting than in the middle of an already frenetic month. 

The founders of Fourpure brewing in London are here next Wednesday to chat about what they do, why they do it and about all the evolution we've been seeing in their beers, and their branding over the past six months or so. Planet Simcoe and Juicebox have been setting London alight as if it were 1666 with the Adventure Series, inspired by their travels include some absolute belters such as Shapeshifter IPA. 

As always we will stuff cheese down you as the guys talk you through each of the 3 beers and you can ask them lots of questions, preferably about beer but it's an open floor. 

£10.50 per person and the beer list looks like this..

Planet Simcoe
Session IPA
Skyliner Wheat
Beertooth American Brown

Tickets can be found HERE