For those of you who have been drinking this new fangled craft beer stuff for a while, the name Left Hand will stick out. The Colorado brewery have been consistently, if in small quantities, resident on these shores for at least six years. Names like Good JuJu and Sawtooth will remind some of you of the first time you had a US craft beer in the UK. 

On August 18th Sharona from Left Hand Brewing Co will be here for a food matching meal rustled up by Twelve Triangles Bakery. It turns out they're pretty handy chefs down there, and the menu will look like this...

Starter - sea trout pate/ crispbreads/ rye bread/ creme fraiche/ pickled ginger/ grilled peach salad - matched with Good JuJu Pale

Main- venison pie/ sourdough garlic bread/ pickled apple/ seasonal greens - matched with Extrovert IPA

Dessert- milk stout caramel/ toasted honey rye crumbs/ bourbon soaked raisins/ brown bread ice cream/ honeycomb - matched with Milk Stout Classic. 

There will also be a beer on arrival and a beer to finish the night off. These are surprises, and when I say surprises I mean, we don't know what they are yet, they're that much of a surprise. 

Tickets are £35 per head and seats are limited to just 12. 

Tickets can be found HERE