Many of you will have heard of Six Degrees North by now. Stonehaven origins, with the brewery now relocated to nearby Laurencekirk, 6DN as they are more commonly known these days, make Belgian beers. It's a bold move to set up a brewery in the middle of this beer renaissance and not rely heavily on IPA's, APA's or other derivatives of the Pale Ale. 

Robert Lindsay, former Brussels resident and owner of 6DN, has almost deliberately kept things on the down low. For almost two years their beer barely left their own bars and marketing was the farthest thing from his mind. Now however, Robert is happy.

Robert - almost certainly happy...

Robert - almost certainly happy...

This is rather fortunate as the brewery are in the process of packaging a collab, or two, or three, or four..  A De Ranke Imperial Stout finished in two different casks (Speyside and Islay). A brown sour ale aged in many many different whisky casks and then blended back, made with D'Oude Maalderij (Belgian).  A heroic triple fermented Imperial Stout made with Adnams (so pitched with Adnams yeast, 6DN yeast, then finished off with champagne yeast) before being aged in Adnams Spirit of Broadside casks. Then, more latterly, a Norwegian Raw Ale made with Redchurch which is an unboiled beer made with Spruce and Gorse and not a hop in sight. Oh, and they made a Pils three weeks ago which is fantastic. 

On June 9th (and at 7pm) Robert will be shop side at Salt Horse to chat through some of their beers, their philosophy and why he believes the time for his brewery, is now. We'll try to persuade him to crack open the Lindsaymans Fuze, which tastes like a genuine lambic. At the same time, a few of these new beers will be on draught in the bar. 

Tickets can be bought at the bar, and tomorrow they'll be available online (if you would like to tweet your interest, or email us at in the meantime, feel free). Tickets are £10 per head and for that you'll taste a few beers, eat some tasty meat and cheese and listen to some entertaining stories. There are also only 20 available.