The age of the beer experiment is upon us (and has been for some time). What seems like a lifetime ago is a relatively new thing to our shores, and that new thing is drinking beer in measures smaller than a pint or a half pint.

The age of the 1/3rd and 2/3rd really only began in 2011/2012 to coincide with the introduction of swathes of above standard ABV beers in to the market. Much despair ensued, 'beer is to be drunk in pints' and 'a man's pint is his castle' (I never heard anyone saying the latter, but it sounds like something someone might have once said about something completely inconsequential) amongst the traditionalists. And things like 'this is Hipster shite' from other quarters. 

Whatever, and this is just a personal opinion, no one has ever been in dire need of a pint of 11% barrel-aged Imperial Stout. Ever. Smaller measures were and are necessary to allow people to drink big ABV, or more expensive, or imported, or rare beers without either buckling the liver, or the wallet. Or to put it another way, you wouldn't order a pint of 14% Malbec because you'd wreck your liver and it would cost £27.

To that end we've decided to offer the more high-end of our bottled beers by the glass to those who visit us, from 4pm, Thursday October 6th. We're hoping it will give people the opportunity to try something they might like the look of but be nervous about spending £10, £20 or £30 a bottle on. It also gives you the opportunity to have a small glass of something whilst you decide on your take home beers. We'll have list of 10 at any one time and when one goes it will be replaced with another. The first beer on the list this week is a wine. I say that now before it's pointed out multiple times!